Friday, June 19, 2015

Frers 22.5m Launched with Hall Spars

The Hall Service team has just returned from Maine, having installed the carbon fiber mast, V-Boom and SCR rigging to the beautiful new Frers 22.5m, Foggy. Click here to read more about the launch at Brooklin Boatyard from the Ellsworth American, and stay tuned for updates when the yacht gets out sailing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hall Spars Celebrates 35 Years

(9 June 2015, Bristol, RI, USA) - Opening the doors to a small shop on June 9, 1980, in Bristol, Rhode Island, Eric Hall  and Phil Garland founded Hall Spars & Rigging with a staff of four mast makers and a receptionist. Today, Hall proudly celebrates 35 years as an industry leader in high-performance spars and rigging.
Hall pioneered the combination of autoclave curing and seamless carbon construction. Milestones include expansion into multiple state-of-the-art factories on three continents, a hand in three America's Cup victories, a DAME Innovation Award for Seamless Carbon Rigging with an airfoil shape and development and patent of the award-winning AutoLock halyard lock. 
"A lot of years, a lot of miles, a lot of boats, a lot of rigs, a lot of trophies," noted Vice President Phil Garland. "And a lot of customers and friends. We would never have had this many successes without their support for the past three and a half decades."
In response to the growing demand for Hall's technology and expertise, 2013 brought the formation of Hall Composites, the non-marine division of Hall Spars, responsible for prototype design, development and production for the energy, aerospace, architectural and defense industries. Projects include manufacture of Advanced Design Cross Flow tidal turbines and rocket components launched into space. Both Hall Spars and Hall Composites achieved ISO:9001:2008 certification in 2014.
Vice President Ben Hall said, "It's hard to describe everything we have accomplished in the last 35 years... America's Cup victories, winning spars on everything from dinghies to megayachts, unique leading edge products and specialty components that go anywhere from the bottom of the ocean to outer space. I am proud to be a part of this and especially proud of our highly skilled and dedicated workforce."
Hall's worldwide infrastructure affords the company a global reach, and with manufacturing facilities in the US, Holland and New Zealand, Hall Spars & Rigging looks forward to a future of continued performance and innovation in the marine industry and beyond.

"35 years - it's hard to believe," said Hall Spars President Eric Hall. "We started in 1980 with four in the shop and three in the office." Citing the tight-knit nature of the company, he added, "Four of us are still here. We started this company with ambitious dreams and high values. I daresay we have exceeded our wildest dreams, and our standards have never wavered. Pride isn't a big enough word for how we feel."

Monday, June 8, 2015

Solaris 50 Launched with Hall Spars

The latest rig out of Hall BV in Breskens, Holland is the Solaris 50. Equipped with a carbon mast and boom AlmaVida2 is the latest Solaris yacht to sport a Hall rig, joining others including the 48 & 58, and upcoming rigs for another 50, two 58s and the new 72. Stay tuned for more on the continuing partnership between Hall Spars and Solaris Yachts!