Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Advanced 80 Launched with Hall Spars

The team at Hall BV recently completed the rig for Advanced 80 Apsaras, by Advanced Italian Yachts in Milan. The yacht is equipped with a Hall carbon mast and V-Boom, contributing to the form, function and beauty above deck. See more on the Advanced 80 here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Developments in High-Tech Hall Halyard Locks

Hall AutoLocks: The Halyard Lock without the Hassle of Trip Lines
Hoist, lock, hoist, unlock. It's a simple concept, and the idea behind Hall AutoLocks.

In the search for lighter, simpler, safer and cleaner solutions for fittings in general, Hall wasn't satisfied with the typical trip line halyard locks common to the market. As we know, trip lines can cause many issues - they break, they get tangled with halyards and they complicate short-handed sailing where crew may not be available to tend trip lines. So why not eliminate that step?

Hall started with the concept of AutoLocks in 2007 and have continued to develop this innovative product over the years. The result is the safest, cleanest line of automatic halyard locks on the market. A library of designs from 2T to 90T Maximum Breaking Load (MBL) has been built for virtually any lock position on the mast and boat.

Some latest developments include:
Bowsprit Tack Line AutoLocks - internal locks mounted inside the bowsprit to lock the tack lines at the source, and Square Top Mainsail Car AutoLocks - with two automatically locking units (one for the square top and one for the car hoist position). This new development has made a complex task easy and quick - no need to go up in a chair to attach the square top:

Hall's most common locks are Internal AutoLocks that can be fitted into many places in the mast, boom, boat and prods. The internal locks are versatile and have a wide range of sizes to fit whatever loads are required. Also available are hanging BlockLocks, external jib locks and a wide variety of mainsail car and reef locks. Click here for lock descriptions and 3D images.

For more information on which Hall AutoLock is best for you, including where you can purchase, contact Tim Hall at